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Chocolate workshops

My busy season for orders usually ends in the spring right after Mother's Day. This is usually my time to recoup and plan ahead for the fall when things pick up again. This year; however, has been different because I finally got the nerve to introduce my chocolate workshops to the world.

My first workshop was in February at my house and I was beyond nervous that it would be a flop. It was so much fun and I met so many wonderful people and things have been getting busier and busier from there.

The COOLEST thing this year is that I have started my Chocolate Workshops at Create in Downtown Wichita Falls and they are going better than I ever imagined. These 8 person workshops are filling my creative soul and allowing me to meet and engage with people I never would have met. They are also a great outlet during my chocolate downtime and keep my creative, chocolate itch sane! And, I love that I can support another female business owner who happens to have the cutest party space around with the most fantastic shop next door filled with unique, locally made products!

I still offer in-home workshops for private parties, whether it be for team building events or birthday parties, etc. I've even done a vegan workshop, which taught me how versatile chocolate really is! It's been a fun couple of months.

How intimate and cute is this space?!

Beautiful truffles from a workshop participant

Caution, workshops CAN get messy!!!

Team building workshop of Clinics of North Texas

From finger licking moments, to bling-ed out truffles, there is never a dull moment at these workshops. I'm super excited to meet new faces and introduce more people to quality chocolate and why it's important that we support the fine chocolate industry. And maybe one day, I'll remember my good camera to snap photos instead of using my phone. Oh well, I get so into the fun I almost always forget to take pictures to share!

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