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When I began my chocolate journey, all chocolate tastes like "chocolate" to me. I didn't know the complex flavors that the beans held. Once I unearthed the unique flavors of this beautiful treat, I was forever ruined.





Now, whenever people come into our store, we make it our mission to teach them about fine chocolate and why we love it. "You've ruined me."  Is the  statement we get from most people after we introduce people to fine chocolate. This Club will be lead by owner & Chocolatier Brooke Willis and B COCOA Director of Operations, Jessica Davis. Two chocolate geeks, certified in Mastering Chocolate Flavor. We love to taste and talk about chocolate. We love it so much that we've decided to share our passion with you.


We created our Chocolate Tasting Club with this in mind. Each month, we introduce a new theme with new chocolate bars and makers where we will taste and learn together. 


Reserve your spot here, with an initial Membership Fee of $45, which includes a goody bag of chocolate themed products that will aid you in your chocolate journey.  


Each month our members will be notified before the public of the unique tasting we will be offering with an additional Member Discount. 

We are super excited to introduce you to our wonderful world of chocolate! 

Happy Tasting! 

Brooke & Jessica

Tasting Dates: All tastings are the third Friday of the month unless if falls on a holiday. 

 Friday, June 18, Chocolate & Cheese Tasting 7 PM Purchase Ticket Here 

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes



Tasting Club

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