Hot Chocolate Bomb PRE-ORDER

Hot Chocolate Bomb PRE-ORDER




Choose your size and flavor for your Hot Chocolate Bombs. These will be available for pick-up, after DECEMBER 15. These are pre-ordered and will not be available before December 15. We will not ship due to the delicate nature. Once they are sold out, pre-orders will close and we will notify you when we are offering another round of Pre-Orders. 



Small Bombs are a single serving and can be prepared in a mug. 

Large Bombs serve two and need to be prepared in a small pot. 



Small: $5.00

Large: $10.00



Gourmet Hot Chocolate: A mix of fine chocolate, dark chocolate chips, French Cocoa Powder, Sugar and Ground Chocolate with Vanilla marshmallows. 


Peppermint Hot Chocolate:  Our gourment hot chocolate mix with peppermint bits and sprinkles 


Bomb mix is dairy free and you can use any milk of your choosing. We recommed Half & Half or Heavy Cream for a thicker bomb. 


*** Please note that our bombs are made with gourmet chocolate and ground chocolate and the flavor develops after 1-2 minutes of stirring your chocolate and then letting it rest. This allows the chocolate to melt and thicken. We do not recommend using water with our bombs. This is not your typical hot chocolate mix that dissolves instantly. You may also need to sweeten to your liking. 


LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Due to the delicate nature of our bombs, we are not currently shipping.